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Paralysis Cause, Symptoms, Physiotherapy Treatment

Paralysis, simply put, is the loss of #muscle function in part or full #body of an Individual. Paralysis can be #gradual or sudden without any symptoms. Some forms of paralysis are curable through proper vaccination and physiotherapy. It comes in many forms, and the extent to which a person is immobilised may change over time as #physical #therapy, changes in #health and #sheer luck alter the way the body responds to physical #damage. Typically paralysis is divided into four categories, though there are uncountable ways that the body can be injured. The four types of paralysis are:

#Monoplegia – paralysis accompanied with involuntary #tremors.
#Hemiplagia – paralysis of the one side of the body – #face, #arms and #legs.
#Paraplegia – paralysis of the lower half of the body.
#Quadriplegia – paralysis of the arms and legs.

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