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5 Notable And Latest Applications For All Android Users

The popularity of Android Applications is increasing more and more, so people want to use the best android applications. This post shares you a list of top five Android applications that will surely bring you an enhanced user experience.

1. 1+ Gestures
It is the latest Android application which aims to give better gesture controls to your OS. When you install the application, you can easily customize the precise type of required gesture controls that you want to use like launching the Google Assistant, toggling the split- screen view off and on as well as navigating to a home screen.

2. Grasshopper
It is another effective android application which brings you an excellent opportunity to learn for coding without spending your money. The best thing about this application is that it provides the best educational resource for entirely free. It also helps you to learn JavaScript. It is significant to know that this tool is not ideal for professional codes. If you are new to the JavaScript, you can use this application which aids you in learning this language.

3. Monkey
As an excellent video chat application, Monkey allows users to get more fun. It also allows you to partake in the discussions with some random individuals online. The twist in this app is that the chat is only limited to fifteen seconds.

4. 321 LAUNCH
This interesting augmented reality application focus on the simulated rocket launches. You can easily assemble the rocket, ready a launchpad and do another task. This app comes with many built-in features that bring you a chance to watch the live rocket launches.


5. Audioreader
Audioreader is a newly developed application that will support PDF, FB2, PRC, MOBI and EPUB formats. It also covers many potential users who look for the best e-books to read. The best thing about this application is that it turns any e-book into an audiobook.

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