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US visa applications to require social media history

US set to ask for a long time of online networking history for all visa candidates

The Trump organization is looking to change visa applications to require all candidates to turn more than five years of online networking history.

The move is a noteworthy extension of President Donald Trump push to execute extraordinary verifying and change how migrants and guests to the U.S. are handled.

The proposed new control would require outsiders applying for a visa to incorporate their online networking usernames on different stages including Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and additionally past email addresses, telephone numbers, and universal travel— all from the most recent five years.

The State Department, which recorded a notice of the proposed change, gauges it will influence 14.71 million candidates, including the individuals who apply as understudies, for business trips, or in the midst of some recreation.

Keeping up strong screening guidelines for visa candidates is a dynamic practice that must adjust to rising dangers, State Department representative for the Bureau of Consular Affairs Virginia Elliott revealed to ABC News. Gathering this extra data from visa candidates will reinforce our procedure for verifying these candidates and affirming their character.

Last May, the organization changed strategies to permit consular officers who process candidates at U.S. missions around the globe to ask for more data from candidates in the event that they had doubts or questions. Out of the blue, they included online networking accounts, and additionally earlier identification numbers, more noteworthy insight about relatives, and longer individual history, including travel, business, and living arrangement
throughout the previous 15 years, rather than the last five that candidates were at that point requested.

In any case, now, every candidate will be required to incorporate five years of online networking usernames on their application – somewhere in the range of 15 million outsiders who apply for U.S. visas every year – albeit certain strategic and authority visa candidates would more often than not be absolved.

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