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China’s Xi right hand man, loyal and ‘firefighter’ gets elected as vice president

Xi Jinping was re-elected China’s president today for a second term (2018-2023) with the unanimous vote of the National People’s Assembly (ANP, Legislative) , in a plenary session in which one of his main allies, the former anti-corruption chief Wang Qishan, ascended to the vice presidency .

On a day of gray skies and late snow in Beijing, Xi , 64 , confirmed his power , comparable only to the past Chinese communist leaders who had the founder of the regime Mao Zedong , to obtain the vote in favor of the 2 thousand 970 legislators present, without abstentions or ballots against .

The members of the ANP, who also unanimously voted for the continuity of Xi as head of the Chinese Army as president of the Central Military Commission, stood up to applaud his president, who with his usual serene face swore his position in a ceremonial ceremony established today.

Anti-Corruption Chief, the Second in Command

The new Vice President Wang obtained 2,969 votes in favor and only one against, and confirmed his 69 years as Xi’s right hand, whom he has already supported in the last five years leading an intense anti-corruption campaign without precedent in China.

Within this campaign, 1.4 million high-ranking officials have been punished, but any opposition faction has also been silenced by the maximum leader in the ruling formation.

Wang was already China’s deputy prime minister during the leadership of former President Hu Jintao, between 2008 and 2013, but got even more political influence by running the Commission for Inspection and Discipline between 2012 and 2017, the anti-corruption body of the Communist Party.

People are happy to be led by a strong man, a dictator, which is sad but it is reality, they have the illusion that it gives strength to the Chinese on the international scene



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