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Communications director of White House & one of President Donald Trump’s most trusted aides Hope Hicks resigns!

Recently, the communication director of White House, Hope Kicks resigns from her post. Hope Kicks is a former model and one of the most trusted aides of the US president, Mr. Donald Trump. She was also one of the longest-serving aides who has been working for really a long time. All of a sudden, Hope Hicks announced her resigning abruptly on the last Wednesday. Her sudden resigning has been leaving a void around. She actually used to value loyalty and affirmation.

This news actually came up as a surprise and the sudden departure of Hope Hicks from her position has given rise to some important questions. She has worked for Donald Trump during his campaigns for a very long time and the whole White House is shocked by her sudden decision. Now, it seems like that Donald Trump is losing the support of his own familiar aides who used to work for him unconditionally. Her departure is indeed the latest high-level departure in the second year of Donald Trump’s presidency.

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Donald Trump has said in a statement that he is going to miss having the positive reinforcement of Hope Hicks. He respects her and appreciates all her efforts for the last three years. Hope Hicks is just 29 and she has served as Donald Trump’s glamorous shield for a long time. She was a validator who has always provided a smiling dose of positive reinforcement to Donald Trump. In Donald Trump’s presidency, the White House has already set a modern record for staff turnover.



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