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According to the US cyber chief, he didn’t receive any command from Donald Trump to confront Russian cyber threat

Recently, the US Cyber Command chief named Adm. Mike Rogers has commanded the lawmakers on this Tuesday that yet he has not received any granted authority by the US President, Donald Trump. According to him, he needs a legal authority from the president to disrupt the Russian election for hacking all the operations where they actually originate.

The question was asked by the Democratic Sen. Jack Reed that whether he has been directed by the US President to do so or not. Through the defense secretary, we can to know the truth to confront Russian cyber operators. According to the sources, Rogers has confronted that he has tried to work within the authority as much as possible by maintaining his position as a commander.

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The most important thing is; Jack Reed has not agreed that the US has been only sitting back and just waiting. Engaging such type of behaviors from a reputed person is not at all expected.

According to Rogers, it has not changed the overall behavior of the Russians. He said about it to the cyber threat of Russia. He also said that the cyber threat of Russia has not paid the sufficient amount of changes.

During the hearing, Wray responded that the action was not as specifically directed by the US President. Shockingly, press secretary of White House named Sarah Sanders has pushed back against his testimony. She said that nobody has denied him the authority.

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