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After getting fired, the former Google employee files a lawsuit against the search engine giant

Shockingly, another lawsuit against the search engine giant, Google! This time, a former Google engineer filed a lawsuit against Google for harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and most importantly, wrongful termination!

The lawsuit was filed on yesterday by a former Google employee named Tim Chevalier who has been working as a software developer in Google for many years and have been working as a former site- reliability engineer.

According to the lawsuit, the former employee has claimed that Google has fired him wrongfully. His only fault was; he responded to several internal posts and memes about racism and several sexist encounters within the workspace.

Recently, Google was fined a good amount of money, nearly $21.2 Million by the India watchdog for some unethical and rule-violating search engine bias. Now, Chevalier’s lawsuit has shocked us all.

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Google has already tried to justify this matter by claiming that Tim Chevalier’s social networking posts are completed biases and Google doesn’t stand for it. Chevalier, who is a transgender, claimed that his social media reactions have led directly to his termination from Google.

Working for last two years in Google, he finds this action too cruel and unjustified. According to a Google spokesperson, Chevalier was too engaged in the social activism which was the main reason for his direct termination. Chevalier is now seeking to get back his lost wages and want justice for the emotional distress and punitive damages that he has gone through because of his termination!

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