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Google fined $21.2M by India watchdog for unethical search biasing

Recently, the search engine giant Google has been fined $21.2 Million or 1.36bn rupees or £15.2m by India’s competition regulator. The reason behind this fine is for abusing its dominance in India.

According to the reports, the users who have been searching flight details in this search engine were automatically directed to the flight search page that Google owns. This fact was recently discovered by the Competition Commission of India. This unethical search biasing is completely against the rules and regulations of the Indian laws. Because of this; many rivalry businesses were facing many disadvantages including losses in their sales.

Google was alleged for leveraging its dominance for online general web search for strengthening its own position in the market for online syndicate search services. Due to such unethical search biasing, the competitors were completely denied for getting access to the online search syndication services. This conduct of Google was completely unfair because they completely restricted the choice of the partners. Thus, Google prevented its competitors from using the search services.

All these came to light when a complaint was filed by the Indian matchmaking website, Bharat Matrimony and also by one consumer protection group.

A Google spokesperson recently said that Google is reviewing the CCI’s concerns. But, CCI has blamed the company for disobeying the Indian laws for its dominant position. This step has caused both the parties extreme harm; Google and its competitors along with the Google users.


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