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Does Donald Trump intend to start a nuclear war with North Korea?

Mr. President, Donald Trump’s recent intentions are indicating that he is looking for an opportunity to start a nuclear war against North Korea! Shocking, is it? That’s though an unsettling conclusion, but Mr. President’s own national security advisers are also hesitating to give him any ideas. Recently, the White House tends to take military action toward the Korean peninsula.

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President’s own generals are not giving too many options to the president as that might increase the odds that he can act on. With Trump’s growing interest in North Korea, the small and paranoid nation is much worried about what action the President will take!

For last few months, the chances of starting a war with North Korea are increasing day by day. Some people within the Trump administration want to give North Korea a limited lightning strike. There are 70 percent chances that the US will declare war with North Korea if they don’t stop the nuclear test.
Many professional military men in the US want to operate a surgical strike against North Korea. Trump’s intentions are not yet clear. But his national security adviser has said that there are high chances of having war with North Korea in future.

Currently, Donald Trump considers the North Korean leader, Kim Jung-un to be irrational. But for now, the White House intends to start a war and not peace. Trump has said that no one can play a cold war with him. So, the people of the US and North Korea are extremely worried about the current scenario!


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