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Shocking: Kylie Jenner regrets for carrying the baby of Travis Scott instead of her ex Tyga’s

The internet was buzzing for the last seven month’s about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy news! According to some sources, as the delivery date is coming near, she is feeling nervous as she thinks that Travis Scott can’t be a good father!

Though Kylie Jenner hasn’t accepted that she is pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby, the whole world is pretty convinced that she is carrying a baby girl. She has been hiding her baby bump throughout her pregnancy. You will see no full picture of her in her Instagram account or Facebook.

But, Kylie Jenner was feeling overwhelmed at the beginning. She was very much excited to start a completely new journey of her life with the baby girl! Now, nothing seems like the same! While Kylie is dealing with her pregnancy, Travis Scott has no time for her! He is not even with her for a long time. That’s why; Kylie feels that she has made a terrible mistake. After all, she is just 20 and is the owner of the huge “Kylie Jenner Cosmetics” line.

According to the sources,she now regrades for this unplanned pregnancy. While she has to take care of herself much, her boyfriend Travis Scott is in nowhere. She even feels that she should carry her ex Tyga’s baby instead of Travis Scott! For the baby, she is sacrificing a lot in her life. But, she is going to be a great mom for sure!

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