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Is PM Modi Bhoomipujan of Shivaji Maharaj Memorial New Hindu Vote Bank Politics?

MUMBAI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is talking at an open assembling in Mumbai. Here are the highlights:
• Indeed, even amidst battle, Shivaji Maharaj remained a torchbearer of good governance.
• Shivaji Maharaj was a multifaceted identity. Such a variety of parts of his identity rouse us.
• His strength was known however there are such a large number of more parts of Shivaji Maharaj we should think about. Look at his policies on water, fund.

• Improvement has the likelihood to produce work for youth.
• To live with respect, improvement is the main way.
• Since you have given me the order, we have just kept improvement in focus.
• It is clear to us, improvement is what is sustainable. One that empowers people
• At the point when our government was shaped, something went to our notice. The general population who worked in little firms, somebody used to get 5 – 7 rupees, most extreme Rs. 100 as benefits.
• We proclaimed that these people ought to at any rate get 1,000 pensions.
• This put weight on the government treasury, however we made the stride so that people in their maturity have a superior life.
• We have additionally diminished the cost of essential medications.
• The poor moms of our nation utilized kindling for cooking. They inundated the smoke of 400 cigarettes a day. Clearly she would become ill.
• We took it up and started the stove be supplanted with LPG.
• There were no bulbs in towns, no technology; we took up the activity to illuminate 18,000 villages.
• I am letting you know, our nation can change. Also, record it, our nation will change, will advance and will hold its head up on the planet, I can let you know that from my 3 years experience.
• Just in Mumbai, Rs. 1.6 lakh crore worth of tasks for development have been started.
• This is a reality that when you win elections implies you are doing well. When you lose implies you have taken wrong choices.
• Since our government in power, we have taken numerous activities. Be that as it may, on the night of November 8, we assaulted black cash, fake money and corruption. People of my nation have confronted numerous hardships since, however have not left my side notwithstanding for a moment.
• Mumbai has given its endorsement with its votes.
• This battle against corruption is difficult.
• The general population who have had the cream (malai) for a long time 70 years,, won’t move effortlessly. They have done whatever was in their power.
• Some thought of corrupting the bank authorities. Be that as it may, they got themselves and the brokers in a bad position. They are being gotten.

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