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Recycling made fun and Rewarding

– Tanvi Jajoria

In this era of change, development and evolution, the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan started by our honourable prime minister, Shri Narendra Modi around 2 years ago, has been taken a level up by two final year college students of Delhi university.

Waste management, one of the biggest social and economical issues of our country has got a new definition now. The students namely – Ashutosh Shrivastava and Pranav Manocha have set out to make recycling fun. They have developed e- bins , that automate the process of garbage disposal. In addition to this, this garbage disposal system rewards you for your good deed, indeed.

Users begin by registering with the company. Then they dispose inorganic waste in the e-bins, the machine detects a segregates waste in just 20 seconds. The system achieves 100% recycling efficiency and effortlessly segregates bottles, cans, glass containers and other inorganic waste. The machine then generates a code that can be redeemed by dialling a simple number. Users can share their details with the company to get their reward. The rewards are in the form of vouchers, gift cards or food coupons, from free burger to online shopping. The system offers more than 50 rewards.

Four bins are already in place in Delhi. The company intends to expand to different cities in next 3 years.
Doing something becomes even more interesting when you’re rewarded for it. This e-bin would definitely make people responsible towards their environment and in return they would be rewarded for becoming one.



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