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Water for IPL or Water for Farmers? “Save Water”

By: Satyam Dubey

We all are aware that Maharashtra is suffering from the worst drought situation of all time. People are dying, forced to wait for the water for hours and hours and get little.

Latur is one of the worst hit by this deadly drought. In Marathwada a massive health crisis going on.

The Manjra dam and the Dhanegaon River, that used to supply water to the five lakh people of the district, have gone dry.

Doctors and clinics in Marathwada have had to resort to using water from tankers, but that’s just not enough.

The lack of water has severely compromised cleanliness at hospitals and clinics, and with water from private tankers being far from clean, water-borne diseases are on the rise. Now, even the water tankers aren’t enough.

The situation is so dire that even the doctors who know better are using unsafe short cuts.
The Maharashtra government has declared drought in 11,962 villages in Vidarbha region, taking the total number of villages to be declared drought-hit to 27,723, nearly half of the 43,000 villages in the state.

The situation is so worst that doctors in hospital in those area don’t get water to do a successful operation of patients, what worst situation can be from this.

Now, having said that all the ups and downs of drought of Maharashtra the most ironic thing is that in the same state IPL is going to be hosted not 1-2 matches but more matches in the state including Mumbai, Pune and Nagur.

The pain is that, to host these cricket matches there are lakh of litters of water being used to make the ground playable and of course the state authority is making the availability of water to used on ground to maintain the moisture and grass.
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The case is like, is those water could be used and reach to those framer who are been deadly hit by drought it may bring a new hope in their lives, lot of families could be saved.

Now, no one is saying to stop playing cricket or any sport but as the situation state is worst so matches could be shifted to other states, there are so many cricket stadium in the country and they capable enough to host the game.

But the government is not even thinking about it.
The question is why life of farmers is not important and IPL (the entertainment is important.

I thinks cricketers must also think about it and appeal to board to shift matches from Maharashtra to other places make good use of waters are been used to make ground good to play.

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