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Waris Pathan said no to say “bharat mata ki jai”

AIMIM legislators Waris Pathan, refused to speak “bharat mata ki jai” that’s why Maharashtra Assembly suspended him for the remaining period of the session.

The Waris said that he can say “Jai Hind” but will not say “bharat mata ki jai”. After this incident all other parties in the Assembly and legislators demanded his suspension from the Assembly.

After being suspended from the Assembly Pathan said “I love my country”. He said I didn’t even dream about insulting my country. Waris said “I broke no rules and tried to make them believe that they should do justice with me”.

During talks with reporter’s Waris said “Jai hind” and “Hindustan zindabad” slogans and said that “one of the slogans cannot assess our patriotism. He added “the country is ours and we will remain here, “I was born here and I’ll die here but I’ll not say “bharat mata ki jai”.
He said that his suspension is the political conspiracies against him and he urged to relook into his suspension to the Assembly speaker.

Waris Pathan is the MLA of bhaykhala Mumbai from Asduddin Owaisi party. Last Sunday, at a rally in latur district of Maharashtra Owaisi referring the Constitution, said he will not say “bharat mata ki jai” at any cost because it is not written in the Constitution. On Tuesday ‘s in Rajya Sabha, in protest against Owaisis statement Javed Akhtar said slogan of “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” and criticized MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi.

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