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Walking with the dog in Colony putted life in Danger

Traveling with a dog in nearby colony putted life in danger, 23 year old boy who was travelling with a dog was threatened, attacked and bitten by a man with his 3 dogs, wife and his friends.

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Awadhpuri, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh – Tuesday morning, a 23 year old boy (Ravi Shing Gujar) was traveling with his dog like any other normal day, but today he went in a different colony for walk. A man (Devbrat Mukharji) was there with his 3 big dogs, his dogs started barking on the boy and his dog, suddenly the man having three dogs he left and pushed all of them on Ravi and on his dog. The boy tried to save himself by using a stick to stop all 3 dogs, after that Devbrat Mukharji abused Ravi and pushed him away with a threat that “do not come here in this colony and in front of me otherwise I will kill you” Ravi left the place at same time.

After taking walk when Ravi returning to home from that colony, Devbrat Mukharji stopped him and started biting him with his wife, with another man Mahesh Pathak and with his other Neighbours. They left Ravi half dead, he had some serious injury.

He registered the compliment in Awadhpuri police station, SI Mahesh Kapoor listen everything and assured him that he will do the needful asap. Within 36 hours SI Mahesh Kapoor visited the place and investigated the case and taken quick action by arresting 3 people.
Ravi said that, “as police arrested 3 so now I feel safe but still 2 people are not caught, I still have a filling that as they get released they may attack on me again”. At the same Mahesh Kapoor said we are here to help him so he does not need to fear.

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