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Rohith Vemula is my hero not Afzal Guru said Kanhaiya Kumar

JNU students union leader Kanhaiya Kumar said that no students of the university can be anti-national. “I want to thank all who bolstered me, and need to guarantee citizen that a JNU student can never be anti-national,” said Kanhaiya.

He added that the government should not put serious charges like rebellion against students as it can destroy their future. “We strongly censure what happened on (February) ninth. It’s on court to choose if that was ‘raaj droh’ or not. In any case, I ask the administration not to utilize genuine allegation of rebellion to destroy eventual fate of understudy,” said Kanhaiya.

As countering the attacks on JNU students for organizing an event where anti-national slogans were professedly raised, Kanhaiya today said, “We understand the meaning of the right to speak freely, we understand the importance of opportunity.”

Kanhaiya kept running from the debate around Afzal Guru when inquired, Kanhaiya said that, “Afzal Guru is not my Hero, Rohith Vemula is my Hero”.

Kanhaiya left Tihar on Thursday and got a happy welcome, three weeks after his arrest on rebellion charges that unleashed unlimited shock with a combined resistance rising an energetic attack on government blaming it for squashing dispute.
The arrival of Kanhaiya, 29, came even as a Delhi government-selected authoritative test did not discover any proof of him raising hostile to India trademarks at the February 9 event.

As per the report “nothing antagonistic” could be found against Kanhaiya and that no witness or video was available to support allegations against the JNU students union president.

The press are now making a decent attempt to venture this low life backstabber as a saint giving him such a big space in the media while the focal govt’s activities are not specified to undermine.
Kanhaiya, a PhD understudy, was realised from the jail at 6:30 pm and agreed a vibrant welcome by a gathering of understudies and instructors.

After his discharge, Kanhaiya keep on saying that he never raised any hostile to India trademarks, attesting truth will win.

Kanhaiya was captured on February 12 regarding the event, He is realised on a conditional safeguard for six months by the Delhi High Court he will participate in the progressing investigation.

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