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Imarti recipe


1/2 tsp cardamom ground
500 gm ghee to fry
2 cups dhuli urad dal (husked Bengal Gram) – soaked in water overnight
3 cups sugar
1 1/2 cups water
Saffron color


Wash, deplete and granulate the daal with least water (ought to be thick). Blend in the shading.
Beat daal well till soft, a drop dropped in water ought to skim.
Keep aside to age for 3-4 hours in Summer, more in Winter.
Break down sugar in the water over low warmth, blending ceaselessly till sugar is broken up (don’t let it reach boiling point before that).
Cook till one string consistency (a drop squeezed in the middle of fingers and pulled separated, ought to frame a dainty string).
Include cardamom powder. Channel the hitter with a spout or material with an opening, to shape imartis straight into the hot ghee.
Lower fire and permit to fresh turning once.
Expel from ghee, drop into the hot syrup for 3-4 minutes, deplete and serve.



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