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Can’t take freedom of speech for granted

Kamal Haasan says, Can’t take freedom of speech for granted in democracy

Kamal Haasan said with remembering that the birth of Hitler in Germany and the nuisance of Emergency in India came through usual democratic course, and call it “constant vigil” is essential to protect freedom of speech in a democracy.

On Saturday evening at the annual India Conference of Harvard University, Haasan said, “Democracy is a habitually advertised as the only support of freedom of speech. It is a work in progress. Constant vigil is necessary to protect it.”

“It is only from the offices of consensus that Adolf Hitler designs the power. In the political history of India, Emergency was broadcasted and voices were silenced”.

In his keynote, the “Vishwaroopam” is a part of the transformation group that is going to endorse alterations in the operating of Central Board of Film Certification in India, said freedom of speech should not be taken for granted.

“I am taking the chance to put on record here and in India we cannot take freedom of speech for granted and contentedly think that democracy habitually means freedom of speech”.

He also said that he is not criticising the democracy of India, in fact, I proud on it and wants the country to establish an example for the whole world.

“Not only India, but the world is in changeover. The world about to face new challenges, will find new chances. We want India not be complacent, but set a world standard,” he added that, “religion in politics” is not healthy.

“Once Nehruji said that unity in diversity, now we on the edge to lose it fast. In an open source world protectionism can’t work like medieval times.

“The people whoever converting the democracy nowadays want us to trust that it is the only courage for freedom of speech. I, as an artist, trust that freedom of speech is not connected with the ruling political state.”



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