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Missing 10 soldiers in Siachen Avalanche

Missing 10 soldiers in Siachen Avalanche, Searching on for them

Around 10 soldiers are missing in Siachen after an avalanche hit at northern glacier in Jammu and Kashmir.

Rescue search also started on Wednesday for the missing soldiers in the avalanche. The fighters were hit at the time of patrolling an ice mass at an altitude of 19,000 feet metres (5,800). Rescuers from the military and Air Force are deployed to look for them for their rescue.

An officer said that, “Avalanches and landslides are common in the area during the winter and temperatures there will drop as low as minus sixty degrees Celsius.”

The army statement is “the post was being manned by one junior officer and nine soldiers at the time when the avalanche struck”.

In January, four troopers were killed in an avalanche, whereas last year another four died once their vehicle was stuck under an avalanche close to Leh.



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