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MCD is like football of Modi and Kejriwal

MCD seems to become a football between PM Modi government of BJP in centre and Delhi CM Arvind kejriwal government of AAP.

Now a days Delhi is stinking badly because Modi government and Kejriwal government is playing a blame game with the salary of MCD employees, and the both governments are using it like a football by passing it to each other by putting some allegation or asking questions.

In this complete mess, Delhi is playing the role of being the playground of the governments, who are playing with MCD football to score the maximum points in the media and get the maximum attention of Delhi people, who is actually playing the role of being the audience of this dirty and stinking game.

Recently Delhi court tried to play the role of the match referee by intervening into the issue to save Delhi to stop them to become spectaculars of this stinking game. Court asked MCD and APP party government of CM Kejriwal present them some facts, but nothing seems to be happened at their end because everyone know about long and long court proceedings, so nothing seems good here in favour of Delhi people and the employee of MCD and they all are helpless to become the part of the stinking garbage game. (Still we doubt MCD employees, because if they want then they can simply do non-cooperation moment by not going on their jobs, why they come on road, why they stopping people, why they spreading garbage. Not sure but it seems MCD employees also become the tool of political party)

Now see the current status of the situation like the current score of the game.
– Yeterday 3rd Feb, BJP Headed MCD played all day by jamming all roads, spreading garbage on all roads, stopping people by not going them offices, teachers not teaching to students, doctors not giving treatment to injured people, etc.
– At end of 3rd Feb, CM Arvind Kejriwal, given a loan of Rs 551 crore to MCD and asked for CBI investigation on the BJP headed MCD fund expenses.
– BJP Headed MCD football do not wants to end the strike and wants all 3 MCD merged in one from BJP’s centre government, now the football is in BJP court.

We request Delhi people to enjoy this interesting political smelly and stinking game of MCD Football match every month till the end of the 5 year series of APP & BJP government.

We appeals to people to think once while buying the ticket of the game at the time of voting.

Enjoy watching the match with smelly garbage popcorn everywhere on the Delhi roads. (Do not read alone, share the match summary with your friends..)

Reported By – Ravi Kumar



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