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Great lifesaving event will show you a new face of the police force

A taxi driver planned to murder a woman and then commit suicide and at the same time two police women (head constable Jaswini and constable Pooja) stopped him by their bravery and quick thinking.

Taxi driver Sunil with his plan reached a fashion designing institute in Lal Bagh, Delhi with a loaded pistol, sulfas tablets and a letter in his pocket. His target was clearly to kill the woman he had been following for 2 years and then commit suicide.

Someone informed both policewomen about a man trying to capture a woman at gunpoint.

“Acting quickly, both cops hurried towards the way where they saw the man holding a pistol in his hand and dragging the woman. The man warned to shoot the woman if anyone intervened. The police asked him to release the woman, but he did not sopped,” said deputy commissioner of police.

With quick action two police women jumped over the man and snatched his pistol and release the woman from his grip. He tried to run, but couldn’t.

Then he tried to gulp some sulfas pills and here again both police women rushed to take him to the nearby hospital. A letter found from his pocket which confirmed that he wanted to kill that college student and after that commit suicide.

An appreciation note will be sent to BS Bassi (Delhi Police Commissioner) to reward both the women cops for their bravery and courage with quick thinking.

Well done lady cops. We are proud of you! Do share this story of cop’s bravery with other.



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