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Controversial statement on intolerance, Aamir Khan has offered his clarification

Aamir Khan has given a controversial statement on intolerance last them, yesterday in an event he has offered his clarification on his statement.

Speaking with reporters at the 10th anniversary event of Rang De Basanti, Mr Aamir Khan said, “Some people understood what I said, and some people angry with me and I totally understand their anger. People are thinking that I want to leave the country. That is not truth. I was born here, I will die here. Whenever I go out of country, I am not able to live more than two weeks. I feel unhappy.”

Aamir also said that his statement was taken in different manner by people and misunderstood by them, he pointed at his work done for TV show Satyamev Jayate which highlights the solutions to social issues. “I did not said that our country is intolerant. I did not said that I will leave the country. Look at my films. Look at Satyamev Jayate. I always try to contribute in building our nation”.

Aamir also said that I feel and I am apologised for revealing a conversation with his wife. “I should not have shared Kiran and mine private talk on a public platform.”



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