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Freedom of expression is the biggest joke says Karan Johar

By Satyam Vashishtha

“We are in a tough country and to speak about one’s personal life in today’s time can land you in jail,” Karan Johar said at the ninth edition of the Jaipur Literature Festival.

He added, “Everywhere I go, I am scared. I am saying something in Jaipur (right now). I don’t know who will file a case when I get home. I’ve become some kind of an FIR king,” Johar said referring to the controversy over the AIB roast, staged in Mumbai last year which involved the western concept of insult comedy.

The Bombay High Court recently asked Mumbai police not to file charge sheet against the filmmaker and others facing a criminal case for allegedly using obscene language on the show.

Karan Said he doesn’t want to fight the Governance by speaking out on intolerance like his other colleagues in Bollywood did recently.

I make movies, I’m fighting megalomaniac movie stars every day. Do I need to fight the governance?

“We’re fighting the censor with every film. You write anything, you can’t say anything. How are we democratic then?” he posed. He also added, “Freedom of expression is the biggest joke in the world… Democracy is the second biggest joke I think.”

“You can change the way the governance works, but how do you change the sensibility of the average man in the house? It doesn’t matter what bill you pass and what dharna you do until the DNA or the mental fabric (of society) changes,” the 43-year-old said.

Karan has spoken what he felt but I would only say Karan, you can’t even know who might get hurt by this very comment of your’s and you can get trolled, abused and FIRed soon. God helps you and all of us.



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