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Is Rahul Gandhi really said Steve Jobs of Microsoft

Many news channel and other media company and bloggers are writing and negatively showing it like a joke, and telling people that he said “Steve Jobs of Microsoft, or Steve Jobs in Microsoft”. But if you see the complete video and hear it properly and also see the complete video then you will found that he said “One day you’re going to run this country, run the institutions, you will be the Steve Jobs and Microsofts.. the Facebooks of this country…”

He said “And” not “Of” not “in” see the complete video and you come to know that these other media company deliberately made a joke of Rahul because now a days because of him only opposition is looking like opposition and Modi govt not able to handle congress who is asking question to Modi on his hoax promises.

All this wrong news chain of events of making fun on Rahul Gandhi is seems to be an anti-congress campaign.

See both the video of the same conference.




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