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Bacon sandwich

Bacon (around 2-3 rashers per sandwich)
Bread (white works best with bacon)
pepper (diced)
tomato (sliced)
egg (fried)
cucumber (sliced)

The ingredients.
1 First you must have enough bacon to make a sandwich. Usually it takes about 2-3 rashers.

2 Cooking.Now you must choose your cooking method:
Frying Pan: Put bacon in a frying pan and regularly turn it while cooking so it doesn’t get burnt. You know when it is finished when it begins to become crispy. Take the bacon off the heat and drain the grease from the pan so it will be easier to clean. Fried bacon is better than microwaved bacon, as it is often crispier.
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3 Garnish.(butter the bread) Arrange between two slices of bread and add whatever you please to the sandwich. Lettuce and tomato makes a BLT, but for a Bacon Butty you can add a sauce or have it plain. A fried egg will make an English Breakfast sandwich. Play around with it!
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4 Cut sandwich in half. A sharp knife is necessary for this, so that the bacon doesn’t get ripped rather than cut. A bread knife is not suitable.

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