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First see what Dharavi doing & Learn from them

First see what Dharavi doing & Learn from them

Rahul Gandhi while traveling in Mumbai targeted the BJP government at the Centre over the price-rise issue, he asked question over why the essential commodities rates are touching sky at a time when global oil prices have hit the record lows.

“At the time of UPA Government the international petrol price was 150 dollars a barrel. Now, it’s only 29 dollars per barrel.”

Rahul Gandhi Asked: PM Modi we want to know the lakhs of crores of money, which you are saving against lower oil prices, where it’s going?, Why are the pulses prices reaching highs of 230 rupees a kg?

Modi govt’s policies are profiting only a few top capitalists of the country and took pot-shots at the ‘Make in India’ initiative. When UPA government was in power, we were working for the profit of the common people.

Rahul asked PM Modi to visit Dharavi, a straggling slum section of Mumbai, and see that how entrepreneurship works there.

Rahul said that,”Modiji you should come here first in Dharavi and see the kind of entrepreneurial works that take place here. First complete ‘Make in Dharavi’, only then will ‘Make in India’.

Rahul said all this after foot march from suburban Bandra to Dharavi, the march was taken place to highlight the issue of high electricity tariff in mumbai.


Critic Says:
Rahul Gandhi asked PM Modi to learn but we can see that actually Rahul is learning a bit from Modi & Kejriwal that how to be News, still we like the current way of action of Rahul Gandhi because now we can feel that opposition is having a voice.

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