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“Start-Up India” – A New Hope

By:  Satyam Vaeshishth

Startup India is new hope for the small and medium entrepreneurs. They are looking forward for its successful implementation so that the small idea’s can start blooming.

The government of India is putting all the effort to make it successful because govt knows that these small groups of entrepreneurs are going to help in our economy if they are in large number. Govt is trying best to provide all the possible leverages to the group.

Addressing the opening session of ‘Start-up India’ event, finance minister Mr. Arun Jaitley said that some of the new tax rules would be announced through executive orders, while some of them would be done in the budget.

As quoted above government is fully dedicated to provide all the possible helps and benefits to the aspiring leader of business. Mr. Arun Jaitley added in a gathering comprising entrepreneurs who began queuing up outside the Vigyan Bhawan at least an hour in advance for the day-long “Start-up India” event,  the government is looking at a regime to give start-ups complete freedom from the state, “Once the start-up movement picks up, it will be the eventual freedom from the state,” he said, adding that the government’s role would be that of a facilitator.

Jaitley said start-ups could emerge as an alternate engine of growth at a time when the global economy posed several challenges.

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is due to announce an action plan for boosting the start-ups eco-system in the evening.

Let’s hope everything goes in the right way which can benefit us directly or indirectly.



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