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Ram Madhav : Preach your wife about country’s prestige

Politician loves to raise the topic that helps them to be in news every time and to achieve their objective. Recently the BJP leader Ram Madhav criticized actor Aamir Khan’s statement on ‘intolerance’ and the topic is hot again. Madhave said Aamir Khan should preach his wife and not only to an auto-rickshaw driver about country’s prestige.

All actions of government is giving a kind of a feel that government is taking revenge from Aamir Khan, recent act was putting off the Bollywood superstar from the job of ambassador for the government’s ‘Incredible India’ tourism campaign. During the UPA administration he was the symbol for the campaign but now his contract is expired.

We think that every citizen has the 100% right to talk about good and bad things about his country. If government is ok to talk about good things then why they are not ok to talk about bad things, and shown real intolerance example just after Amir Statement.

On other side now days we have seen that every political party is manipulating statements in their favour to achieve their objectives, it’s not about BJP only it’s about all parties even newcomer APP as well doing the same.

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