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Infosys CEO wants to see bigger startups

These days we can see lots of buzzing startups which are performing well, but as per Infosys CEO India has more potential to build more bigger startups and grow India faster, he also wished that bigger startups have more respect for profit margins.

In last two years, the investors have pushed in billions of dollars into several startups, many of them fall and various grown into thriving businesses.

As per analysts the growth of many stratups came in the e-commerce segment, which comes at the cost of venture capitalist money that has been burnt to obtain consumers through deep discounts.

Government is also helping these days with many initiatives like Startup India, Make in India and Digital India campaigns.

Yes! The startup drive in India is completely a very healthy sign. We have positive sign of a growing economy, innovation with innovative youth culture and that’s a great thing.

Whatever government doing that is not sufficient and more should be done to encourage this at the government and corporate level.

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