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End of Odd-Even trial in Delhi

At end of Odd-Even trial Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said, the odd-even trial test reduced the pollution and traffic jam in Delhi, he also appealed to the people to continue following the Odd-Even scheme on their own after the end of trial.

Kejriwal said that the odd-even experiment in Delhi was very good experience and example of government-people together coordinated work.

He also said, “World watched the success of odd-even experiment,”. He thanked Delhi on the success of the odd-ever trail.

Critics (BJP, Congress and others) says that the government trail was not the full trail and not done with full preparation and Gov hiding many things.

  • Many segments was exempted from the trail and court also warned the government on this point (like exemption to women and bikes)
  • Only 5% vehicles were participated in the trail, mainly for cars
  • Government not published any pollution data while this trail for public
  • Government not taken any action except this trail to stop pollution like decreasing the life time of vehicles running, not asked industry to sale non polluted vehicles.
  • Not done anything to reduces construction’s dust pollution

The trail run is still under impression that it reduced traffic jab but not the pollution.

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