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10 Problems why you are not losing weight & how to try to fix it

  1. You eat more than you should eat.

Take charge of your meal. Eat based on internal cues. Learn to say no.


  1. You have too many excuses.

Start taking responsibility for your life!


  1. You run to food for comfort. Everything is a ‘treat’.

Address your emotional eating issues.


  1. You have false notions surrounding food and eating.

Break free of your false beliefs about food and eating.


  1. You are not taking the right diet.

Go for diet with best weight loss efficacy. Cut out junk, fast and highly processed food.


  1. You are not exercising as effectively as you think you are.

Start exercising. You need to move your body throughout the course of the day – not just during the hour or so that you are ‘officially’ exercising.


  1. Your metabolism is out of whack.

Eat 5-6 meals a day. Every 3 hours. Avoid starvation level. Eat natural foods.


  1. You have an endomorph body type.

High protein, medium to low carb. Be more active. Weight train with large muscle groups.


  1. You are retaining water.

Regulate cortisol. Don’t be fixated on scale. Drink water. Avoid high sodium food.


  1. You keep self-sabotaging yourself.

Understand your self-sabotaging triggers. Address them accordingly.


Believe you can do it

Believe you deserve to do it

Believe it is worth doing

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