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Terror attack jolt Indonesian capital

By: Satyam Vashishtha

It seems like terror world has become more powerful than rest of world. Almost everyday we come to know such attack taking place in the world, sometime small sometimes big.

From Paris to India everywhere people are living in fear of terror, we are are under the fear of unknown attack which can take place anywhere, anytime. Even we don’t know who might be the one from that group because terrorists has created such kind of environment that we are being followed by some sleeper cells who are helping terrorists to plan big.

After Paris and Pathankot not its Jakarta. Militants launched a gun and bomb assault killing at least six people in the center of the Indonesian capital on Thursday, police said, in an attack that followed a threat by Islamic State fighters to put the country in their “spotlight”.

Media said six bombs went off and a Reuters witness saw three dead people and a gunfight going on. One blast was in a Starbucks cafe and security forces were later seen entering the building.

Police said they suspected a suicide bomber was responsible for at least one of the blasts and up to 14 militant gunmen were involved in the attack, Metro TV reported.

This heinous group Islamic State is really spreading like a decease. Word should get together to crush the root of terror and all the terrorist organization.



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