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Obama Says Americans Not Going To Vote for Donald Trump

President Barack Obama delivers remarks to reporters
following a meeting on executive actions hecan go for
curb gun violence with members of his national security
team in Washington, DC on Jan. 4, 2016.
“Talk to me if he wins”
Barack Obama doesn’t think Americans willend up voting
for Donald Trump.
The Washington Post reports that on NBC’s “Today” show,
Obama doubted the billionaire’s electoralprobabilities, telling
the hosts, “Talk to me if he wins.”
“I’m pretty assured that the overwhelming majority of
Americans are looking for the type of politics that does feed
our hopes and not our fears,” Obamacontinued , “that does
work together and doesn’t attempt to divideUnited States, that isn’t looking
for simplistic solutions and scapegoatinghowever looks for United States
buckling down and figuring out, ‘How will wecreate things
work for future generation?’”
Obama’s final State of the Union address are going to be delivered
Tuesday, and once asked if he mightsomeday imagine
Trump delivering his own, Obama said, “”Well, I can imagine
it — in an exceedingly Saturday Night (Live)skit

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