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It’s High Time Pakistan Should Act now!

By: Satyam Vashishtha

Very recently a group of terrorists attacked on our Airbase in Pathankot, though we successfully combat the attack but we also lost few of our brave defense personals. We kill terrorist but that’s not enough because they have had come to get killed but their main purpose was to diminish our strategic assets which we saved.

Now, afterthought of this operation is coming out with a lot of questions. Though they (Terrorists) have been killed but this is not what they were caring about, they were died at the very instance when they entered our territory because they knew that they will not go back on their own but in coffins, so killing them is not at all our victory we have to kill the terror think tank, we have to act on the mastermind of these attacks which are taking place time to time.

As every time we get to know some of the organization accepts the responsibility of attack or sometimes terrorists their selves leave some identity proof or our agencies find out the organization behind every attack but, what we get and what we do of these evidence? Did our government ever tried hard to let the country act against those people who are navigating attacks on us sitting there? We every time get a lot of evidences that these attacks are been planted by our neighbor country Pakistan but where those evidences go? What is the major thing which is stopping us to force Pakistan to take action or create international pressure on Pakistan for combined operation against Terror Factory? These all questions are unanswered from many years. I will not go deep into it because I am unknown from the technicalities of foreign policies but one thing I know if our foreign policies allows not to take a hard action against those who are continuously harming our country and people, then we must change the policy.

After the Pathankot attack, India has got enough links to prove that Pakistan is the place where the attack was been planted and monitored. The government has already sent the evidences to prove it and asked government of Pakistan to take prompt and decisive action on that.

As USA also wants Pakistan to take action on the evidences provided in case of Pathankot attack. A Senior US administration official said on Friday that Washington expected Pakistan to act fast against perpetrators of the Pathankot terror attack, in an apparent response to a report in this paper that the US was giving Islamabad a wide berth in investigating the assault. Ref: TOI

As our current government has come into the power with full majority and one of the reasons and promise was to combat terrorism anyhow and there will be no compromises with national interest. We have also seen our honorable PM’s surprised visit to Lahore which show we are still friendly with Pakistan, so it’s time to see how this friend is working to walk long way or they need the friend to be FURIOUS.

Only time will tell, what nest to happen but we should hope for the best.  JAI HIND

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