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More Cities On Odd Even Card

More Cities On Odd-Even Card!

By: Satyam Vashishtha

The movement which is started by AAP government in Delhi to reduce level of pollution seems to be inspiring for other states.

Higher authority of other states is screening this Odd-Even movement carefully. As the air pollution level is going up every single minute, the government officials has come into action to save the nature and people from its hazardous effect. Very recently the Delhi government started the odd-even formula to reduce the level of vehicular pollution, after 6 days passed almost successfully and it’s still underway for 15 days of trial period, other states has started thinking about it.

The Maharashtra government has already started keeping eyes on the movement and the government has instructed its high officials to keep a close eye on this to see the success of the movement.

NCP is demanding to use similar formula in Maharashtra as it seems beneficial for people in Delhi.

“This will also help in reducing the city’s carbon footprint as 26 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by using petroleum products. “NCP Mumbai Unit President Sachin Ahir said”

“We need to implement the even-odd car number formula on roads of Mumbai as is being done in Delhi to make Mumbai pollution free. ”We will do whatever it can and take in all ideas to reduce traffic and pollution levels in Mumbai. Delhi has started with this experiment. The results will take time to show. It has just been 4 days now and we can’t judge the effects in four days. We will later know how beneficial the scheme was for Delhi,” Finance Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar said. He also added “We are examining the scheme, if it is successful, it can be applied to Mumbai as well so that traffic congestion and pollution reduces in the city. We will accept all that is necessary. Ref: TOI

It seems that the risky steps motivate more if it becomes successful. Its matter of time to see how a movement started by AAP in Delhi getting succeeded and who all are implementing it.



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