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Earthquake Could Strike Himalayan Region

Ministry Of Home Affairs: 8.2 Magnitude Earthquake Could Strike Himalayan Region

The Union home ministry’s disaster management experts have warned of a much bigger catastrophe, earthquakes with a magnitude of 8.2 or bigger on the Richter scale which can hit the already ruptured Himalayan region.

They say quakes with higher intensity than the one that affected Manipur on Monday are doubtless to rock the region in future. The tectonic shift a series of those recent earthquakes have caused in the region — Manipur 6.7 (Jan 2016), Nepal 7.3 (May 2015) and Sikkim 6.9 (2011) — have re-ruptured the plates that had already developed cracks during previous temblors. This has led to conditions which might trigger multiple earthquakes which can go up to 8.0 in magnitude.



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