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Exposing hypocrisy of Moral Superiority

Exposing the hypocrisy of “moral superiority” and rampant maltreatment in several Muslim countries

Some Muslims area unit keen on inculpate western morality – alcoholism, nudity, premarital sex and homosexuality usually being cited as examples. However Muslims don’t have a monopoly on morality. Within the west, kid marriages and sex with youngsters area unit nonlegal. Sadly, constant cannot be same for several Muslim countries.

The love of young boys isn’t a development restricted to Afghanistan; homosexual is common in near Asian country, too. In my view, repression of sex and extreme gender social policy is in charge.

And within the Middle East, it’s young ladies who are thought of fascinating and men are able to satisfy their lusts wrongfully through kid marriages. In Yemen, over 1 / 4 of ladies are married before the age of fifteen. Cases of ladies dying throughout birthing don’t seem to be uncommon, and recently, one 12-year-old kid bride even died from internal bleeding coz children course. In another case, a 12-year-old girl was married to associate 80-year-old man in Saudi Arabia.

So why that is the apple of child wedding sanctioned in Muslim countries? Sadly, ultra-conservative spiritual authorities justify this recent social group custom by citing the prophet Muhammad’s wedding to Aisha. They say Aisha was 9 years old when the prophet married her. But they focus conveniently on selected Islamic texts to support their opinions, and historical data, that suggests Aisha was abundant older, putting her age of wedding at nineteen. Child wedding is against Islam because the Qur’an is evident that intellectual maturity is that the basis for deciding age of wedding, and not time of life, as urged by these clerics.

Whatever one’s thoughts on the prophet’s wedding, no religion will claim ethical superiority since child marriages are experienced in numerous cultures and societies across the world at just once or another. In present, though, marrying youngsters is not any longer acceptable and no excuse ought to be accustomed justify this.

I realize the false adherence to monotheism principles and also the “holier than thou” angle of some Muslim societies kind of like the blatant hypocrisy and double standards of 19th-century Victorian United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, wherever the outward look of dignity And prudery invisible an extreme prevalence of sexual and ethical depravity behind closed doors. In those days, too, there have been several men willing to pay to possess sex with youngsters – till an excess of social movements arose that resulted in changes in laws and attitudes in society.

A similar shift in social attitudes is additionally needed in ancient Muslim societies. Having boy sex slaves or kid brides mustn’t be seen as badges of honour. Instead, Muslims have to be compelled to do additional to connect shame to such practices; otherwise, acceptance of this behaviour can build them complicit within the sexual exploitation of kids. I fail to know why Muslims square measure therefore vocal on abuses by the west in Abu Ghraib, Guantánamo, Asian nation and Asian country, however show ethical city once it involves children? It’s concerning time this silence was broken, therefore these violations of innocence will be stopped.

A too-passive angle in managing maltreatment has rubbed off on Muslim communities in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, too. I actually have detected several stories initially hand of kid sexual assault and rape, that show that the problem isn’t being self-addressed the least bit. those that have had the courageousness to talk out are met with reactions of denial and shame. Such attitudes mean that kids can still suffer in silence. Sexual assault of kids happens all told communities, as has been discovered by the recent church scandal. At least, they need finally began to take action.

Muslim communities ought to learn from this and additionally begin being additional open, rather than continued to sweeping the problem underneath the carpet.

I wish and hopes that additional and additional Muslims feel it’s their duty to criticise others for actions they take into account sinful – quoting the subsequent well-liked speech of Muhammad to justify their interference: “If you see one thing wrong, you must correct it together with your hand and if you’re unable to, then speak out against it and if you can’t do this, then feel that it’s wrong in your heart.”

I wonder however, then, Muslims will stay silent once it involves the sex crime of children?



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