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Odd-Even Movement to come at the halt?

By- Satyam Vashistha

The highly ambitious movement to reduce the pollution level in Delhi executed by AAP government may come to an end by Friday…

Hang On!

This is not yet been decided that it will actually come to an end by this Friday. As this experiment and a risk taken by AAP government of Delhi & implemented for 15 days, starting from the very first day of New Year. Though the movement is getting desired support from Delhites and they are following the rule at their best possible, after 5 days of this movement very less numbers of cases came in to pictures of breaking the rule and has been fined.

People from different segment of society has their different opinion but most of them came into the favour of Odd-Even movement, though there has been hoax to defame the movement as it appeared in Twitter war and some of media channels shown some pictures showing people are suffering at Metro stations because of this movement as they are forced to travel by Metro but they are been facing ample crowd. However after few hours of this rumour clarification came from DMRC office itself that there has not been any kind of panic situation as reported by some anti-movement people and channel and finally it came as only manufactured rumours with some old pictures circulated.

Now! The most important part of this movement is pollution level. As this movement’s only and only motive is to reduce the pollution level which at its danger level in Delhi. Today the Delhi High court asked Delhi Government to present the data of pollution level to present so that in reality it can be measured.

The Delhi government will be presenting the data very soon probably by the end of today and accordingly the honourable Delhi High court will make any decision.

Now let’s wait for the right time to hear the decision of Delhi high court that, “will the movement continue for the 15 days or came to the halt before that.” It all depends upon the pollution level data which given by Delhi government.



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